Arnold Palmer 2018 Fall and Winter Catalogue Shoot and Design


2018年秋冬 Arnold Palmer 以「英格蘭城市生活」與「蘇格蘭公路旅行」為題,我們將英倫國旗色的紅與藍,蘇格蘭郊區的黃與綠,透過設計主色、型錄拍攝、場景設定與型錄設計,勾勒出品牌2018年的秋冬輪廓。

Arnold Palmer 2018 Fall and Winter chose “Urban Scotland Life” and “Scotish Road Trip” as their main theme. We used the red and blue colors of the English Flag, together with the yellow and green of the Scotish suburbs.

Client / 

Arnold Palmer


Role / 

Art Direction
Visual Design
Video Design

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