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2020年,雙好設計 2byWu&Chen 受邀與百齡罈Ballantine's 合作,以揉合百齡罈Ballantine's經典品牌色,與本季「時光淬煉的美好」為設計靈感,結合貳房苑LivinGreen潮州綠,以經時光淬煉的臺灣蛇紋石為杯墊,設計完成限量會員贈禮。


In the last season of 2020, 2byWu&Chen was honored to featured and intived by the Ballantine's seasonal campaign to design a VIP gift. It conbines the significant brand color for Ballantine's blue with LivinGreen's Chaozhou green as the package and the result is the beautiful “Time Well Spent" serpentine coaster and Ballantine's whiskey glass gift-set.

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