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Ecooking 2018 Press Conference Concept & Visual Design


來自丹麥的有機保養品牌Ecooking,是Ecological(生態)與Cooking(廚房料理)的結合,Eco將丹麥關心自然生態的精神,體現在產品使用有機萃取成份,保養肌膚同時守護環境;而Cooking則源自創辦人Tina Søgaard,運用多年來在保養業界的豐富經驗與專業,在私家廚房進行保養品的研發、調製與保存,因為成功扭轉經歷離婚低潮的肌膚困境,繼而發展出讓不同國家、不同膚質需求的消費者都能擁有的肌膚保養產品,用照料肌膚的核心精神,守護我們對青春記憶的點滴。雙好設計用「勾勒回憶」為Ecooking在台灣創造出屬於它的精神,並邀請到韓國刺青師Dogy,透過現場刺青將回憶留存,也讓丹麥的極簡、肌膚保養與人生回憶,一起串聯。

Starting at home on the kitchen table, Ecooking, the Danish beauty brand that epitomizes chic, Scandi cool while delivering remarkable results. 2 by Wu&Chen studio has designed Ecooking’s identity, online website, communication pieces and media event in Taipei. By using typography alone-no imagery or photographic direction- to allow the product to speak for itself. For their first media event, 2 by Wu&Chen studio invited tattoo artist Dogy to give memorable pieces for each customer, by using Ecooking’s multi balm, experience the feeling of back in time with healthy and well-cared-for skin.

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Brand Identity,
Campaign Design,
Promotional Design,
Event Planning ,
Catalogue Design


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Since 2018

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