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Fairy 2nd Anniversary Campaign Visual Design

不分類型、沒有分別,以5組新世代象徵Fairy Taipei的open-minded與diversity,雙好設計從形象拍攝、平面到數位設計上,都將Fairy的多樣化完整展現,5位代表人物在形象中展現出的柔情、無懼、團結、堅毅和純真無一不是Fariy Taipei的精神。

To the uniqueness of Fairy’s unlikely urban beauty. An campaign for Fairy Taipei’s 2nd Anniversary, the visual highlights diversity as a transformative medium, inspired by 5 MUSES, is the presenter of the stories. 2 by Wu&Chen studio has designed 5 visuals along with promotional material and brings them together in a bold new composition as the involving movement of Fairy Taipei.

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Art Direction
Visual Design
Campaign Design

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