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雙好 2byWu&Chen 設計下鄉之旅

改造嘉義傳統鵝肉品牌《禮鵝 嘉文1976》年輕亮相

2014年雙好設計 2byWu&Chen以設計餐飲的初心,創立餐飲空間貳房苑LivinGreen,也就此從國際精品視覺的設計,輾轉切入關注臺灣農業與食材的現況與發展。2020年雙好設計 2byWu&Chen與台灣設計研究院合作,透過設計力,重新改造嘉義在地超過四十年的鵝肉品牌(原嘉文生技)-《禮鵝  嘉文1976》,並將嘉義當地人熟悉的節慶與日常禽肉品,透過品牌規劃與設計,讓傳統鵝肉品不僅能延續其家傳經典的品牌形象,更透過活潑鮮明的品牌識別與包裝,讓三代祖傳的《禮鵝 嘉文1976》成為年節首選,也是向親朋好友親切道聲「禮賀(你好)」的傳統好滋味。


《禮鵝 嘉文1976》系列產品設計與規劃,雙好設計 2byWu&Chen活用嘉義常見的傳統民間文化用色,並加入專業養鵝人好客熱情的個性,以紅、黃、藍三色為品牌設計全新的品牌識別,並以【禮鵝紅】運用於一系列熟食加工產品包裝,如風味令人吮指的〈經典茶香燻鵝〉、冬季滋補的即食湯品〈冬菜鵝肉湯〉與〈香滷鵝鐵蛋〉;【禮鵝黃】則運用在全新開發的系列鵝油品項,如全新產品〈黃金蔥鵝油〉;【禮鵝藍】則將運用在生鮮、未加工的新鮮冷凍鵝肉品。


一季的下鄉設計之旅,雙好設計 2byWu&Chen也一路從嘉義進入臺南,為臺南在地青年回鄉從漁的水產品牌 《一夫水產》,重整既有品牌定位,並定調洗鍊的視覺風格,以精準設計升級《一夫水產》品牌形象,也期許青年回鄉的水產品牌,成功轉身為代表臺灣新世代從漁的代表品牌之一!



2 by Wu&Chen Countryside Design Trip
Debuting the transformation of Chiayi's traditional goose brand "Royal Goose Chiawen 1976"
Tainan youth returns to hometown to start "Kazuo"

In 2014, 2 by Wu&Chen started LivinGreen with the original intention of design catering, beginning a transition from international boutique visual design to focusing on the current situation and development of agriculture and products in Taiwan. In 2020, 2byWu&Chen cooperated with the Taiwan Design and Research Institute to reinvent Chiayi's "Royal Goose Chiawen 1976" (formerly Chiawen Biotechnology),  a local goose brand for over 40 years. Through brand planning and design, the traditional goose meat products not only connects with Chaiyi festivals and daily needs, but it is also able to continue its classic brand image. And using lively and distinctive brand identification and packaging, to promote the brand to become the top choice of Lunar New Year gifts, a way of thanking family and friends for using a traditional taste that spans three generations.

For the design and planning of the "Royal Goose Chiawen 1976" series of products, 2 by Wu&Chen uses traditional folk culture colors in Chiayi and adds the generous and enthusiastic personality of professional goose raisers. The colors red, yellow, and blue are used for the new brand recognition. [Royal Goose Red] is applied to a series of ready-to-eat products, such as the succulent "Tea Smoked Goose," a nourishing instant soup "Goose Broth" and "Braised Goose Eggs." [Royal Goose Yellow] is used in the newly developed series of goose oil products, such as the new product "Goose Grease With Shallots".  [Royal Goose Blue] will be used in fresh and unprocessed fresh frozen goose products.

During this one season design trip to the countryside, 2 by Wu&Chen also entered Tainan from Chiayi, reorganizing the existing brand positioning and setting the visual style. The style is to upgrade the brand image of "Kazuo" with precise design. And the aquatic product brand started by young people who have returned to their hometown and will successfully turn it into one of the representative brands of the new generation of marine products in Taiwan!


"Kazuo" uses a 24-hour circulated seawater aquaculture method and promotes Taiwan's aquaculture industry with a professional background. Its unique and pure breeding environment has also cultivated the only "Sapphire Grass Shrimp (Taiwan Premium Shrimp)" in Taiwan. These meaty shrimps are blue with a crystal shine and high-quality raw food taste; it is a premium aquatic product that cannot be missed by diners who love Taiwanese marine products.

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禮鵝 嘉文1976

台灣設計研究院 TDRI


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CI Design

Package Design

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