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Tokyo Finest Round 2 Event Organizer & Visual Design

雙好設計與台北活動單位 OFF TOPIC 合作企劃 Tokyo Finest 系列活動,Round 2 除了邀請新生代靈魂歌姬 iri 與台灣樂壇新星 ØZI 之外,我們在視覺上,希望透過設計玩點現有音樂市場裡不一樣的活動企劃與視覺創意。
活動企劃將「現正發生中」的東京音樂場景帶來台北,視覺設計也延續東京與台北光影音場交織的氣氛,主視覺設計別於之一活動的冷靜與陽剛,之二加入日本女歌手 iri 剛柔並濟的氣質。

2 by Wu&Chen’s second collaboration with Taipei event planner OFF TOPIC for the TokyoFinest Series. For round 2, in addition to inviting the new generation soul singer iri and the Taiwanese R&B rising star ØZI, we also decided to play around with the event planning and visual creativity that is different from the existing music industry.
The event plan brings the "currently happening" Tokyo music scene to Taipei, and the visual design extends the atmosphere of Tokyo and Taipei using lights and sounds. The main visual design is different from the calm and masculinity of the first event, adding a soft temperament with the help of the Japanese female singer iri.

Client / 

Tokyo Finest (self-operated)


Role / 

Brand Identity
Event Planner
Visual Design

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