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台灣設計研究院自2019年醞釀發起「T22設計振興地方產業計畫」以設計角度切入北投「都市農業」的發展瓶頸,重新建構北投的「療癒產業」生態,結合原型農業生產者:北投社大青菜社 (青菜底呷)六座農場〈泉源農場、二崎農場、足妹農場、草山大自然農學體驗農場、草山永和安心農場、頂湖安心農場〉、四口田有機農場、隨野家、火的意志 大屯火山咖啡、八仙六代園;並邀請媒合北投文物館、三二行館、大地酒店The Gaia Hotel、北投亞太飯店 Asia Pacific Hotel, Beitou、北投普羅旺斯bakery & café、拾米屋Sheme House;與雙好2byWu&Chen、兩個八月、ADC Studio、之外工作室等設計行銷與媒體專業人才,共創打造北投獨家「限定禮盒」與三組聯名「限定料理」,拉近產業間的距離,創造兼顧自然生態與社會永續的新型商業模式。

Limited Edition Grand Beitou Giftpack

Since 2019, the Taiwan Design Research Institute has been brewing the "T22 Design Revitalization of Local Industries Project." From a design perspective, it delves into the developmental bottlenecks of "urban agriculture" in Beitou, reconstructing the ecosystem of Beitou's "healing industry." It collaborates with prototype agricultural producers, including six farms under the Beitou Community Daqingcai Cooperative (Qingcai Di Ha), namely Quanyuan Farm, Erzaki Farm, Zumei Farm, Caoshan Natural Agricultural Experience Farm, Caoshan Yonghe Anxin Farm, and Dinghu Anxin Farm. Additionally, it collaborates with SIKOU Organic Farm, Suiye House, Huo's Will Cafe at Datun Volcano, and Ba Xian Liu Dai Yuan. Invitations extend to cultural institutions like Beitou Museum, San Er Yi Er Hall, The Gaia Hotel, Asia Pacific Hotel Beitou, Beitou Provence Bakery & Café, Sheme House, and design marketing and media professionals such as 2byWu&Chen, Two August, ADC Studio, and Beyond Studio. Together, they collectively create exclusive "limited edition gift boxes" and three sets of collaborative "limited edition cuisines" for Beitou, bridging the gap between industries and establishing a novel business model that harmonizes natural ecology and social sustainability.


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