【回家  A Remembrance of Home Noodle Bowl】
貳房苑 LivinGreen x Home Hotel x 臺華窯  限量聯名

#潮州綠 #逸居棕 回家雙色釉燒麵碗禮盒

迴游的終點    就是家

貳房苑以 - 招牌乾拌麵,作為鶯歌陶瓷復興計劃的核心設計靈感,與Home Hotel限量聯名,一起將回家的溫暖滋味,透過臺華窯精湛的釉燒陶瓷工藝,讓「回家吃碗麵」不僅僅是遊子的鄉愁,更能成為臺北的生活樣貌。T22產地振興計畫 - 是台灣設計研究院策劃,選定鶯歌陶瓷產業為核心的一系列計畫。並由品牌再造專家、日本「燕三条 工場の祭典」總監山田遊Yu Yamada擔任總顧問監製。

【A Remembrance of Home Noodle Bowl】
Limited joint edition glazed bowl (Available in Green and Brown Colors) from

LivinGreen x Home Hotel x Taihwa Pottery


Anticipation for a taste that can be fondly remembered
Searching for a haven on our journeys
The end of our drift is always we find home

Along with the signature dry noodles, as the core design inspiration of the Yingge Ceramics Revival Plan, LivinGreen is co-branded with the Home Hotel to bring back the warmth of home through exquisite glaze-fired ceramic craftsmanship of Taihwa Pottery. Having a bowl of noodles at home not only expresses the yearning for home, and it is also a way of life in Taipei.


The T22 - Regional Revitalization Program with Design Infused is a series of plans by the Taiwan Design Research Institute (TDRI) and selected the Yingge Ceramic Industry as the core. These plans are supervised by Yu Yamada, an expert in brand re-engineering and director of Japan's "Tsubame-Sanjo Factory Festival. "

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Home Hotel

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Visual Design

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