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貳房苑LivinGreen x Home Hotel x 臺華窯跨界聯名
《回家》雙色釉燒麵碗禮盒    找回「鶯歌製造」的臺灣生活美

2018年貳房苑LivinGreen以潮州街76號的老屋改造,在城鄉創生的設計思考以「城市」為核心,開展出一系列在臺北市潮州街聯名的設計活動。2021年開春,貳房苑LivinGreen與Home Hotel以「食旅生活的品味」作為企劃核心,攜手投入台灣設計研究院策劃的「T22產地振興計畫」,歷經超過6個月深入鶯歌與陶瓷產業的籌備開發、設計計畫後,聯名陶瓷窯燒工藝精湛的指標品牌 - 臺華窯,並在日本「燕三条 工場の祭典」總監山田遊(Yu Yamada)的監製指導下,在2021年節前夕限量推出《回家》雙色釉燒麵碗禮盒,搭配貳房苑LivinGreen年終全新乾麵《安家滷肉麵》,讓「回家吃碗麵」不僅是鄉愁,更能成為代表臺北麵食文化的生活寫照。

設計團隊雙好2byWu&Chen,以代表臺華窯的窯方形、Home Hotel的家三角形,以及貳房苑LivinGreen的麵碗圓形,將三方聯名設計出深具代表性的視覺,不僅呼應各自在餐飲設計、精品旅宿以及在地百年工藝的創生匯流,更將率陸續推出一系列在臺北吃麵的活動企劃,將「回憶裡老家一碗麵的滋味、旅程中任一處的歇息,都成為回家的動力。」

作為鶯歌陶瓷深具代表性的臺華窯,在這次聯名計畫中,展現出鶯歌作為亞洲重要陶瓷產地的領導規格,在釉藥色料、坯土窯燒的超強職人工藝技術上,發揮雙色釉料的絕美比例,經多層、細緻綿密的來回施釉,以1280度高溫窯燒、超過百次以上的釉色校正,維持基礎釉色在窯火中完整受熱,並讓每一只碗內雙色釉料穩定相融而顯色燒結,燒造出每只麵碗內自然流釉、獨一無二的低調釉色,各自展現出貳房苑LivinGreen「潮州綠」與Home Hotel「逸居棕」的低調洗鍊。


貳房苑LivinGreen x Home Hotel x 臺華窯聯名《回家》雙色釉燒麵碗禮盒1月28日起,限量於貳房苑LivinGreen門市、Home Hotel官方pinkoi線上開賣(,「潮州綠」與「逸居棕」兩色皆有售,單碗售價1480元。貳房苑LivinGreen全新餐點《安家滷肉麵》於2月1日起,圓滿開賣。

"Made in Yingge" classic will remind us of the aesthetics of living in Taiwan.
The 【Rembrance of Home Noodle Glazed Bowl】 dual-color gift box is jointly presented by LivinGreen x Home Hotel x Taihwa Pottery.


In 2018, LivinGreen renovated an old house at No. 76 Chaozhou Street, using the core ideal of "Metropolis," together with the creation of urban living, launched a series of joint design activities in Taipei. At the beginning of 2021, LivinGreen and Home Hotel uses "Styles of Food and Travel Life" as the core of the plan and join hands to participate in the "T22 - Regional Revitalization Program with Design Infused" planned by the Taiwan Design and Research Institute. After more than six months, they have penetrated Yingge and ceramic industries for preparatory development and design planning. Working along with Taihwa Pottery, a brand with exquisite ceramic craftsmanship, and under the supervision and guidance of Yu Yamada, the director of "Tsubame-Sanjo Factory Festival" in Japan, they have released this limited edition [Rembrance of Home Noodle Glazed Bowl] dual-color gift box. On the eve of the 2021 lunar new year, with the new year dry noodles "Anjia Braised Pork Noodles" by LivinGreen, making the concept of "Going Home and Eating a Bowl Noodles" not only nostalgia but also a portrayal of life that represents Taipei's food culture.

The design team 2byWu&Chen uses the kiln square of the Taihwa Pottery, the triangle of Home Hotel, and the round shape of noodle bowls of LivinGreen to create a deep and representative vision, which not only echoes their respective ideals in dining designs, boutique lodgings, and the century-old craftsmanship. The team will also launch a series of activities for noodles tasting in Taipei, bring up the idea for "the longing of a taste of hometown noodles, will turn each moment of rest as motivation to return home."


As the representation of Yingge Ceramics in this joint project, Taihwa Pottery has demonstrated the leading specifications of Yingge as an important ceramic producing area in Asia. In terms of glaze pigments and clay kiln firing, superior craftsmanship, creating the beautiful proportions of the two-colored glaze. After multi-layer, meticulous and dense back and forth glaze application, the glaze color is calibrated at a high temperature of 1280 degrees and more than a hundred times to maintain the primary glaze color. The bowl will continue to heat, letting the color glaze blend in steadily, to develop and create a natural flow glaze in each bowl, a unique low-key glaze color, each showing the low-key washing of LivinGreen Chaozhou Green and Home Hotel Brown.

"We hope that the noodle bowl can show warmth as it is being held in both hands. That is the memory of home and the taste of home." And this seemingly simple shape of the noodle bowl has been the most difficult to overcome. Taihwa Pottery has accurately transferred the arc on the design draft of the bowl to the open mold making, the control of the specific gravity of the rotary billet and clay, and matched the unique glaze formula of Taihwa Pottery. The uniform spraying of glaze on the front and back of the layer and the precise kiln temperature control technology show the ultra-high standards of "Made in Yingge."

LivinGreen x Home Hotel x Taihwa Pottery joint brandedThe 【Rembrance of Home Noodle Glazed Bowl】dual-color gift box will be available on the LivinGreen store in LivinGreen and Home Hotel official Pinkoi store(, both Chaozhou Green and Home Hotel Brown are available for sale at 1480 NTD per bowl. The brand-new LivinGreen meal "Anjia Braised Pork Noodles" at LivinGreen will be available from February 1.

2021年 金點設計獎 Golden Pin Design Award /

產品設計類 回家雙色釉燒麵碗禮盒 Rembrance of Home Noodle Glazed Bowl

2021年 OTOP臺灣產品設計獎 /

回家雙色釉燒麵碗禮盒 Rembrance of Home Noodle Glazed Bowl


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Home Hotel、臺華窯

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Product Design
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