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Emika Falling in Love With Sadness Album Visual Design

由侯孝賢導演執導的電影《悲情城市》(A City of Sadness)因在九份取景,讓九份這座老城早期因金礦興盛,後來礦產殆盡沒落的歷史,成為Emika受獨立刊物Donnerstag之邀來台時,製作/命名專輯的靈感。雙好設計,以來自九份的山海雲霧為此輯設計,Emika特別將專輯命為《Falling in Love with Sadness》作為曾在台灣九份飲茶的回憶總和。

Emika was deeply influence by Jiufen’s streets and its whimsical feel while she spent time on the winding mountains. Drink Taiwanese tea, watch the ocean from a high mountain pass, Jiufen was once a mining town. Its demeanor is probably one of the places in the world that truly feels like taking a step back in time to about early 19th century. Which is also the shooting scene of 《City of Sadness》. 2 by Wu&Chen studio took the inspiration and designed the packaging for Emika’s album 《Falling in Love with Sadness》.

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Album Design
Visual Design

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Emika Eternity (Earth Version) 2019  Digital Single Cover Design

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