Emika Falling in Love With Sadness Remixes EP Visual Design

雙好設計繼2018年Emika最新專輯《Falling In Love With Sadness》專輯設計後,再度與這位旅居柏林的全創作音樂人合作,以她獨特的創作取向,透過視覺將她音樂中的「異次元」呈現。四位製作人的混音作品,也展現出Emika品味特異且與眾不同的創作才華。


Emika has been producing electronic and neo-classical music, combining her skills as a sound designer, classically trained composer, singer, songwriter and works independently running her own Emika Records.

Since the release of Falling In Love With Sadness works with 2byWu&Chen as a designed creative partner across the EU/Asia. She's collaborating with 4 unique and special artists in them making remixes for the new green color vinyl limited remixes EP.


Track list:
1.Eternity (Pinch Remix)
2.Run (Julia Govor Remix)
3.Falling In Love With Sadness (Rebekah Remix)
4.Wash It All Away (Headless Horseman Remix)

Out on Emika Records this Oct 11 on digital and first edition green colored vinyl.

Distributed by SRD.

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Album Design
Visual Design

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