Emika Klavírní Temná Album Design

《Klavírní Temná》是Emika第二張鋼琴獨奏專輯,同時也是Emika Records創立五週年的紀念發行。我們透過專輯設計,將專輯中眾聲孤寂的獨我境界,透過極簡白膠與10吋迷你專輯《Dilo Variations》圓標上位於Emika錄音室外的樹林剪影/黑膠呈現。迷霧深夜般的內頁設計,也襯托出全輯靜謐憂傷的迷人氣質。

"Klavírní Temná " the second album of solo piano works by Emika, coming 5 years after the original Klavirni LP. 'Temná' means dark in Czech and this record starts to destroy her beautiful piano sound with glitches and ghost FX. This record we designed in white vinyl with printed inner sleeves. Coming with the limited edition 10" vinyl release of "Dilo Variations", we create the minimal artwork designed with a photo Emika took outside of the studio. It's a true art piece that works inside-out.

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