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2019 Emika If We Disappear Live Show Poster Design

英國古典電子創作人 Emika 2019年三月即將以一場在柏林天文館Zeiss-Großplanetarium舉行的演唱會,結合視覺設計與投影科技,並將她在近幾年的古典鋼琴創作與新專輯《Falling In Love With Sadness》一起呈現,2019年3月21日柏林唯一一場。

Her current live performance, furthermore, has seen Emika reconceptualise the way she takes to the stage. Embarking on a new hybrid approach to song and sound manipulation, Emika now presents her new live show with piano, vocals, and electronics. Exploiting new technologies in live vocal looping, sample triggering, piano and sound design, it’s a contemporary vision that is uniquely her own.

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