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島嶼花草茶系列組 產品開發與包裝設計

Island Herbal Tea Package Design & Product Development
島のハーブティーセット 商品の開発とラッピングデザイン



Sip a taste of the island atmosphere, with the scent of flowers and sun-driven sea breeze



After the 1999 Nantou Jiji Earthquake in Taiwan, the Catholic Church of Nantou Dili Village initiated a community project to recruit local unemployed residents to plant in the church herb garden. And beginning in 2014, LivinGreen and 2byWu&Chen have aided the project by purchasing the aromatic plants and bringing them in the city.





Chrysanthemum Herbal Tea Blend


On the sunny eastern shore of Taiwan, the bright yellow chrysanthemum bloom with their elegant scent on the mountainous land beside the sea. Together with mint, lemongrass, verbena, bay leaf and stevia, this Taiwanese caffeine-free herbal tea designed by  LivinGreen and 2byWu&Chen provides a full taste of vitality.




Rose Herbal Tea Blend


As the gentle sea breeze of southern Taiwan shakes the roses on the Pingtung cape, the flowers awaken into a beauty that is unique to the area. Along with the roses, sage, oregano leaves, bay leaf and stevia, this soothing Taiwanese caffeine-free herbal tea is designed by LivinGreen and 2byWu&Chen and is especially well suited for our female guests.


Client / 

島嶼花草茶 (self-owned)


Role / 

Art Direction

Visual Design

Content Executive

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