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Jamie Isaac Live in Taipei Event Organizer & Visual Design

邀請英國新稅靈魂歌手Jamie Issac來台北,是2018年秋天我們覺得最浪漫的活動計畫之一,聽他揮灑英倫氣質滿滿的青春與憂鬱,在河岸邊的Pipe Live House,也留下他唱給我們的專屬情歌。

Inviting the English soul singer Jamie Isaac to Taipei was one of our most romantic fall event in 2018. Listening to his youthful and melancholy with his British temperament,he left his exclusive mark on us during the performace at the Pipe Live House.

Client / 

雙好設計 ( self-operated)


Role / 

Event Planner
Visual Design

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