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臺灣自創品牌Juicy Molly青春肌密微整噴霧精華產品包裝設計,延續創辦人中性與對青春美好的回憶,在線條勾勒中,讓每個人心中的小女孩,喚醒肌膚保養的簡單願望與純粹信念。

Taiwan's original brand Juicy Molly presents its first and beautiful product Youthful Muscle Micro-Spray Essence. CI & product packaging design is continuing the founder's neutral and beautiful memories of youth. With our sophisticated outline sketching design on the spray bottle and paper box package, we are telling you that there’s always a little girl lives in your heart. Most importantly, it awakens the simple desire with the neutral color and pure skin care belief.

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Juicy Molly


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CI Design

Product Design Packaging Design

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