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LEZS Magazine Visual Design & Content Management


《LEZS》 is the only full-scale Mandarin LGBTQ magazine and also the most influential LGBTQ fashion lifestyle publication in Asia. It covers women's rights, women's creativity, women's fashion, and LGBTQ issues. It speaks out from the viewpoint of the new generation of women and queer perspective. 《LEZS》 is committed to bringing the latest gender perspectives, neutral avant-garde fashion, and contemporary art trends to readers, presenting the diverse facets of new generations of women and queer.

2019年  第43屆金鼎獎 /


2018年  第42屆金鼎獎 /


2018年  第42屆金鼎獎 /


2017年  第41屆金鼎獎 /



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Art Direction

Visual Design

Content Executive 

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Since 2011

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