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BENTO 貳房苑便當 · 立秋滋味


BENTO 貳房苑便當 · 花東縱谷



雙好設計於2011年4月以「臺灣回憶」在臺北創立,設計類型以產品包裝、視覺形象、媒體設計為主, 並於2014年於瑞安街創立餐飲品牌 - 貳房苑LivinGreen,也由平面跨足空間設計與餐飲設計; 2019年1月搬遷至潮州街76號,並以台灣電力公司所屬的老屋改造計畫,將設計、餐飲與社區發展連結,陸續獲得2019年臺北市老屋新生非住宅類首獎、2020年德國iF Design Award【Interior Architecture 貳房苑 LivinGreen】肯定。

A Savour of AutumnAugust 7th is the beginning of autumn on the lunar calendar.
The Taiwanese cuisine often follows the change of seasons on the lunar calendar to choose suitable ingredients. This seasonal bento prepared by LivinGreen includes a home-brewed spring plum vinegar lotus root slice appetizer, mashroom scallop goose oil steamed glutinous rice with servings of baked mentaiko bamboo shoots with fermented bean curd dressing, Shaoxing wine drunken chicken and Taiwanese traditional salty cake. Enjoy eating with the season, and meet up with us after the quarantine in Chaozhou Street.

East Rift Valley
Hualien and Taitung are two counties in the east of Taiwan, facing the Pacific Ocean and leaning against the ridgeline of the Central Mountain Range. The LivinGreen kitchen has selected black rice nourished by the mountains and sea in Taitung. It is paired with Makauy roasted chicken thigh steak, a spice known as "mountain pepper" to the aborigines of Eastern Taiwan, light roasted sesame oil vegetable fern, salted pineapple and burdock shreds, cold tofu with Tana plum sauce dressing. These bring together the scent of the autumn breeze of Eastern Taiwan mountain and forest. Along with this gourmet box, we will attach a map of places to visit on Chaozhou Street, come visit LivinGreen and we can enjoy a walk together.

2 by Wu&Chen was founded in Taipei in April 2011 based on "Taiwan Memories". The design focuses on product packaging, visual image, and media design. In 2014, the team established a restaurant brand, LivinGreen, on Rui'an Street. From that point, the team's portfolio included space design and catering design. The team relocated to No. 76 Chaozhou Street in January 2019, and connected the design, catering and community development with the old house renovation plan of Taiwan Power Company, and successively won first prize in the new Taipei City old house in 2019 for the non-residential category and affirmation from 2020 German iF Design Award [Interior Architecture LivinGreen]. 

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