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The Dram With The Mash Tun Tokyo Ardmore 2000 by The Whiskyfind Label Design


有人說威士忌是生命之水,蒸餾的過程,濃縮了穀物的精華。 The Whiskyfind 威士忌坊 酒標設計也恰如其份,字體與字級,像是酒與人生加總的靈魂,醇厚有份量。

Whisky is the drink of life, through the process of distillation, it compresses the essence of grains. The Whiskyfind label was thoughtfully designed to show the intensity of the soul, a savory life with good whisky.

Client / 

The Whiskyfind


Role / 

Label Design

Year / 


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