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彰化咖啡家族以土地與陽光為名    優雅化身《長日咖啡
Chang Coffee Co.

深耕多年,位於彰化八卦山的國村咖啡莊園,早年以中臺灣常見的家族姓氏「張」作為咖啡品牌 ,今年在雙好設計與台灣設計研究院、農委會合作下,以貼近臺灣土地氣質、長時間日照的中臺灣地方特色,化作《長日咖啡 Chang Coffee Co.》(原為咖啡張)品牌精神,除在品牌命名上,強化地方特色之外,視覺上則透過八卦山闊葉林的濃蔭綠意、彰化日照充足的耀眼陽光,展現臺灣咖啡品牌兼具人文與地方氣度的品牌生命力!


《長日咖啡 Chang Coffee Co.》在家族兩代傳承下,近年張家兄弟逐漸接手父輩在20年前受政府輔導轉型的咖啡莊園,栽種環境擁有全室外栽種、充足的長時間日照,後製處理有自然陽光乾燥(Sun-dried)的優勢,也讓每一顆從彰化八卦山產地新鮮採收的咖啡豆,都能享受臺灣充足日光的烘烤,同時也降低咖啡豆處理過程中,所產生的高排碳量,多年來致力翻轉低海拔種植咖啡的逆勢,更積極達成低碳足跡(Low Carbon Coffee)、低能源消耗(Low Energy Consumption)且風味香醇順口的臺灣咖啡。

2022年《長日咖啡 Chang Coffee Co.》將順勢推出添加彰化龍眼蜂蜜的蜂蜜口味歐蕾咖啡冰磚(將於募資網站上線)、以咖啡渣 升級再造(Upcycling)露營專用咖啡炭、咖啡渣天然驅蚊香等咖啡副產品與兼具創意與環境意識的咖啡廢料升級產品,展現臺灣咖啡品牌跳脫傳統咖啡市場消費思維,讓關懷土地成為產業升級的實踐力,也以「日曬溫度,造就咖啡氣度 」為臺灣在地咖啡市場,帶來深具地方意識的全新品牌。


Creation of a new brand that emphasis low carbon footprint and coffee economy.
The Changhua Coffee Family creates Chang Coffee Co. in honor of the land and sunshine. 

In their early years of intensive cultivation, Guocun Coffee Manor, located in Changhua's Bagua Mountain, used "Chang" a common family name in Central Taiwan, as their brand. This year, under the cooperation of 2byWu&Chen, TDRI (Taiwan Design Research Institute) and the Council of Agriculture, the brand spirit of Chang Coffee Co. (formerly Coffee Chang) uses the local temperament, Central Taiwan's characteristics of long hours of sunshine, improvising these into the brand. The brand's regional elements are strengthened visually through the shade of the broad-leaved forest of Bagua Mountain. The greenery and the dazzling sunshine in Changhua show plenty of dazzling sunshine, bringing forth the brand vitality of this Taiwan coffee brand with both humanity and local temperament.

2byWu&Chen used the stable contours and hilly land of the Bagua Mountain to transform into energy that nurtures the coffee-producing regions in Central Taiwan. The brand identity outlines the Chang family from the traditional agriculture of their father's generation, all the way to the Chang brothers, who actively try to create a more flexible and diverse Taiwanese coffee brand through agricultural improvements, complete with people who care about the land.

Chang Coffee Co. has been in the family for two generations. In recent years, the Chang brothers have gradually taken over the coffee farm that their parents started with advice from the government 20 years ago. The planting environment is outdoors, with plenty of long-term sunshine and natural sunlight in the post-production process. The advantage of drying also allows every coffee bean freshly harvested from the Bagua Mountain in Changhua to be roasted with sufficient sunlight in Taiwan. At the same time, it also reduces the high carbon emissions generated during the processing of coffee beans. The farm has been committed to overturning the contrarian trend of low-altitude coffee cultivation and actively achieving a low-carbon footprint, low-energy consumption, and mellow-flavored Taiwanese coffee.

A new Taiwan brand with a deep sense of locality, in 2022, Chang Coffee Co. will launch their coffee ice bricks with Changhua longan honey (Launch will be on a fundraising website). Along with coffee grounds to upcycle into camping coffee charcoal, coffee grounds natural mosquito repellent incense, and other coffee by-products that are both creative and environmentally conscious. These show that Taiwanese coffee brands have escaped the traditional coffee market consumption thinking, making caring for the land a reasonable force in industrial upgrading and adopting the “coffee flavor of sun warmth” for local coffee in Taiwan.

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CI Design
Package Design
Brand Planning
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Wanglong Lu
Hedy Chang

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