About 2 by Wu&Chen
2011年我們用喜歡的設計與喜歡的故事,成立 雙好・2 by Wu&Chen 。
貳房苑 Livingreen 餐飲空間。
我們擅長品牌識別設計、產品包裝設計、文案企劃設計、活動統籌。更多關於故事與設計的想法 、需求,請別害羞與我們聯絡。

In 2011, we used our favorite design and stories to establish 雙好・2 by Wu&Chen.
In 2014, we used our stories to design the space of the restaurant, 貳房苑 Livingreen.

We are a full-service studio offering branding, design, packaging design, art direction, event planning & coordination across all platforms. For more stories and design ideas and needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

2021年  金點設計獎 Golden Pin Design Award 【產品設計類 回家 雙色釉燒麵碗禮盒 Rembrance of Home Noodle Glazed Bowl】
2021年 OTOP臺灣產品設計獎【回家 雙色釉燒麵碗禮盒 Rembrance of Home Noodle Glazed Bowl】
2021年  Singapore Good Design Awards【Interior Designg 貳房苑 LivinGreen】
2021年  iF Design Award【Packaging 臺灣黃金奇異果酒 Taiwan Golden Kiwifruit Wine】
2020年  金點設計獎 Golden Pin Design Award 【空間設計類 貳房苑 LivinGreen】
2020年  金點設計獎 Golden Pin Design Award 【產品設計類 日光維他 臺灣黃金奇異果酒 Taiwan Golden Kiwifruit Wine】
2020年  OTOP臺灣產品設計獎【日光維他 臺灣黃金奇異果酒 Taiwan Golden Kiwifruit Wine】
2020年  iF Design Award【Interior Architecture 貳房苑 LivinGreen】
2020年  iF Design Award【Communication 我在柏林|音樂教父 馬克雷德 柏林攝影文件展
             Don't Tell Me Stories - MARK REEDER, an Unknown, Legendary Life in 80s West-Berlin】
2019年  第43屆金鼎獎雜誌類優良出版品推薦

2019年  Shopping Design Taiwan Design Best 100
2019年  臺北市老屋新生非住宅類首獎【貳房苑 LivinGreen】
2018年  第42屆金鼎獎雜誌類最佳設計獎
2018年  第42屆金鼎獎雜誌類優良出版品推薦
2017年  第41屆金鼎獎雜誌類優良出版品推薦

We Create Design with Stories
In 2011, 雙好・2 by Wu&Chen design studio was founded in Taipei, Taiwan. Our thinking starts with a great story that speaks to your head, and your heart. We love engaging and discovering the brand that will inspire people, challenge people to think, and we always work closely with our clients to bring their thinking to life.

In 2014, our passion turned into 貳房苑 Livingreen, a restaurant made up of design, for those who love cuisine, music and tea. Of course, we obsess about details in everyday life and deliver beautiful and effective projects from graphics and stories, events and identities, products and packaging, exhibitions and music. Tell us your story, then we can turn it into reality.


About Wu
雙好設計、貳房苑創辦人,出身美國舊金山藝術大學多媒體設計(New Media)學系,曾任GQ、Marie Claire、men’s uno、LEZS等時尚、人文雜誌視覺設計與視覺統籌。

2011年在台北創立設計工作室 雙好. 2 by Wu&Chen,2014年開設自營餐飲空間品牌 貳房苑 LivinGreen,設計觸角與作品廣泛,曾參與東京、柏林等藝術攝影與產品設計商品。

Studied at the Department of Multimedia Design (New Media) at the University of Arts in San Francisco. He worked as a visual designer and visual coordinator for fashion and humanities magazines such as GQ, Marie Claire, men’s uno, and LEZS.
Wu established a design studio in Taipei in 2011. 2 by Wu&Chen, opened LivinGreen, a self-operated space for food and beverage in 2014. Wu has a wide range of designs and work and participated in art photography and product design products in Tokyo and Berlin. In recent years, he participated in the development of a number of Taiwanese specialty products with minimalist design vision and perspective. He won the 42nd Golden Tripod Award for Best Magazine Design, the 41st and 42nd Golden Tripod Award for Excellent Magazine Publications. He has also been nominated for the OTOP Taiwan Product Design Awards.

About Chen

世新大學新聞學系,曾任台灣索尼音樂 Sony Music 國際部、亞妮斯比 agnès b 台灣區音樂總監;曾創辦以柏林文化為題的獨立刊物 Donnerstag。長年關注台灣西洋獨立音樂議題,專文與專欄散見KKBOX、PPAPER、Hinote Records等社群與媒體平台。

現任雙好. 2 by Wu&Chen 品牌總監,近年多關注性別與獨立文化發展,並擅長透過文化論述展演品牌與相關故事。

Chen graduated from Shih Hsin University's Department of Journalism, his resume includes working at Sony Music Taiwan International Department, agnès b Taiwan Music Director. He founded the independent publication Donnerstag that introduced Berlin culture.
Chen is always attentive to issues regarding Taiwan's Western independent music, his articles and columns have been distributed to community and media platforms such as KKBOX, PPAPER and Hinote Records and have been recommended by the 41st and 42nd Golden Tripod Awards for quality magazines.
Chen is the editor of chef in LEZS magazine and 2 by Wu&Chen’s Brand Director, in recent years, he has focused on gender and independent culture development. Chen has true skill in revealing brands and related stories through cultural discourse.




3F., No. 76, Chaozhou St., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan


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